Star Prospector 1.1 DEMO

The Star Prospector 1.1 DEMO is available for download.

The demo includes:
  • 2 levels of the new Tower Defender game
  • Play missions from the first 2 star systems
  • New features from the DLC Update 1.1
Download directly from our site.

Patch 1.1 New Features Video - April 23, 2012

First of 2 videos outlining the new features and changes available in the new free DLC patch 1.1 for Star Prospector.
The next video will showcase the new Tower Defender game mode.

The patch is available now on Impulse, GamersGate and Desura. Here's the link for people who bought the game direct via BMT Micro.


Star Prospector Free DLC Available - April 3, 2012

We are pleased to announce the new DLC and game update (1.1) is finished.
There's a whole new game in there called "Star Prospector - Tower Defender" as well as a host of new gameplay features and improvements.
The full list of features and changes is on our forum:
Patch Notes

The patch will be on Impulse, GamersGate and Desura as soon as possible.

Here's the link for people who bought the game direct via BMT Micro.

Space Sector First Impressions - Feb 1, 2012

Space Sector has posted some first impressions of Star Prospector.
Space Sector is an excellent site for sci-fi strategy game fans. Check it out!

Star Prospector Manual - Jan 18, 2012

Star Prospector game manual in pdf format.


Space Sector article - Jan 8, 2012

Star Prospector makes Space Sector's "games you can't miss in 2012" list.

A List of Sci-Fi/Space Games You Can’t Miss In 2012



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